HIM Conference 2016


“I felt so ‘stuck’ and ‘dry.’ The conference this year has refreshed me and given an excitement that makes me feel recharged! Whoo-hoo! Holy Spirit, Peace, and Excitement!”

“HIM is always the best way for me to get grounded again in Christ and to be with His followers.”

“In a world that is falling away from God, it was great to see the church come together in worship and prayer.”

“Thank you, HIM, for showing us more of Him, Jesus Christ. Thank you filling us and refilling us in the Holy Spirit. We are rich beyond words.”

“Enjoyed this year’s HIM fun-filled vibe. Laughter is good medicine.”

“HIM has always provided the best material and speakers for Hawaii!! Awesome!!”

“This was the gift God gave me at the HIM conference: a chance to be the self that I am and have always been, having gone through everything I have, but also to know that He is present with me and loves me and is leading me through healing and through life.”

“I praise the Lord through some of the speakers I learned a few simple ways of increasing my prayer life. This changed my heart to be more calm and peaceful.”

"One thing I am taking away is what to do when pressure hits and to ride 'the storm' because the most peaceful place is in the eye of the storm. Peace starts from the inside and goes out."

“I am always sad when the conference is over, that I won’t see and be able to hug so many friends from my own church and, even more, so many other churches across our state.”

“I feel like I have grown spiritually and have been given tools to grow personally with God more these three days than my entire last year.”

“I brought a team of worship and young adult leaders. My teams were inspired and unified for the future.”