Experience the Bible together in all its power

Just Show Up (JSU) is a call to return to the Biblical way of learning – regular extended listening and reading together in community. Inspired by the Biblical tradition of long-form listening as an act of remembrance and identity formation, Just Show Up hopes to meaningfully reconnect participants to the Bible and other classics.

Bible Gatherings

Reading the Bible aloud with a group of people is an ancient practice. In fact, the origins of the Bible are deeply rooted in it being read aloud in public.

Explore with us the origins and development of this fascinating biblical topic, and how it offers us a model for engaging the Scriptures in our own day.



Book Clubs

Most of us want to read good literature. When we read, we learn new things, expand our horizons, and reignite our imaginations. Learning is not a question of priority; it’s a question of strategy.

In a JSU Book Club, participants simply show up at their chosen location and receive a lengthy text as it is – no homework, no official interpretations, no right or wrong answers. The group listens to an audio book while following along in a print copy, then takes a few minutes for reflection and discussion.

People Reading Books

 Learn more about JUST SHOW UP Bible reading and book clubs at justshowup.club

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