Bus seats Florence vintage

HIM was born in a Greyhound bus in 1983.


For many years, we’ve started this page on the history of HIM with, “A long time ago in a Greyhound bus far, far away…”

It was a long time ago that HIM started — back in the 20th Century, 1983 to be exact, when Greyhound buses, sleek silver coaches, roamed the land with large loads of people. We used typewriters back then, and our TVs were huge, heavy monsters with tubes in them. Life was different. No one had heard of an iPhone, iPad, or worried about their data plan.

However, HIM started the way that God starts all things: with a word, a vision, a sense of uncertain knowing that God is going to do great, unimaginable, extraordinary things if we but listen, follow and take the first step.

That’s what KINGDOM LIVING is: hearing and heeding God. Taking the first step, the next step and then the next, always toward God and others. And every once in a while, stopping and turning, we see how far we have come, how God has never forsaken us, and just how great a God He Is.

We first heard the word about HIM from God in a Greyhound bus. In the more than 35 years since, HIM has inspired, kick-started, trained, renewed and fueled many generations of believers in their walk with Christ, taking what they have received to give to others. We can’t begin to count the number of lives impacted, but it’s not the numbers that matter but the lives. 

W.H.A.T. does HIM do? We WORSHIP. We offer HOPE. AND we provide TOOLS. And we bring together the Body of Christ in a way unlike any other conference or event — across cultural differences, unique traditions, generational idiosyncrasies, blind spots, perspectives, preferences and dysfunctions to stand as a family in God’s grace to be God’s people.

Every one who has attended a HIM event has been a passenger on that Greyhound Bus that started it all. We have journeyed together and it has been good. At the wheel has always been Jesus. Best ride ever! 

Read Dan Chun's dissertation, Hawaiian Islands Ministries: A Strategy for Renewal and Revival in Hawaii.



HIM exists to equip, unify, and encourage pastors and leaders in Christian ministry.

HIM’s means for accomplishing this is through seminars and conferences held in Hawaii. Yes, that means equipping pastors and church leaders, but also Sunday school teachers, prayer teams, parents, youth, business leaders and leaders of non-profits. We don’t need high profile positions to lead. We just need to use what God has given us where we are.

 Statement of Faith

  • There is one God eternally existing in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the Word of God, Holy and inspired by God, of supreme and final authority in faith and life.

  • God the Father sent us his Son, Jesus Christ, fully human and fully divine, who was born of a virgin. He lived a sinless life. His death on the cross provided our redemption. He was bodily resurrected and ascended into heaven and has a present ministry of intercession for us. We look forward to His return in power and glory.

  • God created humans to have fellowship with Him, but they defied God by sinfully going their own way. As a result, every human needs God’s saving grace to end this alienation from Him. Salvation comes only through saving grace, trusting in Jesus Christ alone— not human effort — and must be received personally by repentance and faith.

  • The Holy Spirit is involved in the miracle of the conversion of an unbeliever and indwells believers, enabling them to live a Godly life. Among many offices, the Holy Spirit equips believers for personal growth for service to the church. The church’s role is to glorify God and serve those in need.